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In-Person and Virtual Couples Counselling

We help you understand your attachment patterns and process deep-rooted emotions. We use Emotionally-Focused Therapy and The Gottman Method when working with couples. 

"To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness."

Dr. Sue Johnson


Couples Counselling

Many couples experience hardships within their relationships. However, when tensions escalate to hurtful territory, either partner can feel distanced, enraged, resentful, shamed, or even defeated, to name a few. Eventually, one or both partners may want to “end it” just to stop these emotional pains from persisting. Yet, beneath it all, both partners still want to be together, they just can’t figure out how. We can help!   

At Heal Podcast, we use leading, evidence-based modalities for couples: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method. These modalities are designed to get to the root causes of conflicts so you can not only HEAL your relationships, but also thrive within them!

We always tailor our interventions to meet each client’s unique needs, like adding somatic experiencing® (body/nervous system-based) techniques, offering psychoeducation, and implementing cognitive reconstruction techniques to compliment emotional processing and to ensure growth in and out of therapeutic sessions. 

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Couples’ Counselling Fee

$175 + HST per hour

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