EP #107: MEDS: Movement, Eating, Disconnecting, and Sleeping! Talking EMFs with Dr. Robert Turner, M.D.


I’m pleased to welcome Medical Doctor, Robert (Rusty) Turner to Heal Podcast! Dr. Turner is a neurologist and neuroscientist who has more than 30 years of experience as a physician practicing preventative medicine and assessing neurofeedback EEGs. In his field, he was told that if the observed concern was not significant, then “call it normal.” This did not land well with Dr. Turner, and he chose to focus on preventative care instead of traditional healthcare which he calls, “disease management.”

In line with this way of thinking, he’s become aware of a contributing factor to intense anxiety, depression, sometimes panic, and even seizures: electromagnetic fields (EMFs) (or invisible adversaries, as I call them). In this episode, we mostly focus on the “D” in Dr. Turner’s main prescription “MEDS:” Movement, Eating, Disconnecting, and Sleeping.

Learn about Dr. Turner’s journey to self-healing, his passion for preventative care, and how (and why) you can prevent illness by disconnecting. Listen in to explore how going “wired” vs. “wireless” can optimize wellbeing. Learn how EMFs affect mental health, the neurological problems caused by EMFs, and what EMFs do to the brain and nervous system. Hit play now!

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