EP #104: Neurofeedback, Polluted Electricity & Gut Health — Surprising Links to Anxiety & How to Treat It.


Mike Cohen is a Neurofeedback expert and is the author of the bestselling Amazon book, Neurofeedback 101! He so graciously gifted Lucie and YOU a PDF (yes, for free). Click here to access, or follow this link: https://www.healpodcast.com/free-downloads/

In this episode, you will learn about what Neurofeedback does to the brain, how Neurofeedback works, and how Neurofeedback can change your life!

Additionally, Host, Lucie, sits with Michael to talk about how electromagnetic fields (EMFs) affect our bodies, why electromagnetic radiation is harmful, where EMFs are found, and of course, how you can protect yourself from their impacts like brainwave changes, mood issues, and anxiety.

Finally, Lucie and Michael discuss what could be killing your gut microbiome! You’ll be surprised to learn about EMFs’ role! You will understand how gut bacteria is linked to depression and anxiety, how it affects the brain, and how to restore your health – Hint, hint: Neurofeedback is a foundational help in this!

Michael discusses how:

The order in which you eat your food matters: (per, @GlucoseGoddess)

He has gifted us a PDF on dirty electricity (www.healpodcast.com)

He shared how he believes that the supplement “S P M” is the best anti-inflammatory supplement on the market for inflammation, in his opinion (he asks that you speak to your physician to get your unique recommendation).

And he shares about the powerful mood stabilizer, Lamictal.

There’s lots to unpack in this episode, so hit play and enjoy the show!

*Learn more about Mike and his work at: https://www.centerforbrain.com/about/mike-cohen-bio/

(Disclaimer: Lucie does not endorse nor make any remuneration from the products mentioned, and, like Mike, Lucie also encourages everyone to speak to their physicians or medical experts when considering taking any supplements or pharmacological interventions).

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